30201107 - Sensor Pre-Mounted on PCB

This platinum temperature sensor on a printed circuit board has been specially designed for use in calorimetry.When designing these sensors, the stringent requirements of this sector with regard to precision,long-term stability,cost minimization as well as the option for fully automatic further processing were of prime concern. The temperature sensor in an SMD-FC model forms the measurement active element on a PCB.The chip is connected with terminal faces with a thin conducive path in order to reduce heat dissipation and to prevent corruption of the measuring results. As a cable set sensor,it is suitable for a wide range of applications within a temperature range of -40 °C to 150 °C.


Technical Data

  • Type: PCB1325.4
  • Nominal Resistance R₀ [Ω]: Pt500
  • Temperature Coefficient (TCR): 3850
  • Tolerance Class: F 0.3 (B)
  • Min. Temp. °C: -40
  • Max. Temp. °C: 150
  • Min. Tolerance Temp. °C: -40
  • Max. Tolerance Temp. °C: 150
  • Size mm (L₁xWxH₁xL₂xH₂): 15 / 1 / 2.5 / 13 / 0.4
  • Min. Fit Diameter (mm): 2.5
  • Min. Fit Diameter (inch): 0.09
  • Connection Technology: Soft Soldering
  • Self-Heating: 0.15 K/mW in ice water
  • Packaging: Plastic box
  • Storage Life: At least 12 months (after manufacture), when stored under the recommended conditions. Longer shelf life may be possible depending upon actual storage conditions, after requalification by customer.
    Nitrogen atmosphere recommended.

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