Platinum Temperature Sensors - Pt RTDs

YAGEO Nexensos offers a full line of Platinum RTD elements. The Thin Film Platinum RTD Elements (also known as a Platinum Resistor, Platinum Temperature Sensor or Thin Film RTD) are characterized by high stability, interchangeability and fast response time.

Platinum RTD sensors (PT RTD) are available with different resistance values (PT100, PT200, PT500, PT1000) and different temperature coefficients (TC3750, TC3770, TC3850). The Surface mount RTD (SMD) Elements are designed for automated board mounting in high-volume applications. Standard SMD Elements are available in Platinum (Pt) 3850 and Nickel 6180 temperature coefficients. These types of sensors are also known as an SMD RTD, SMT and SMT RTD. Ceramic Wire Wound Platinum RTD Elements and Sensor Assemblies are although available.