32209210 - Housed Pt Temperature Sensor

The PRTD in a plastic housing is characterized by its standardized signal according to DIN EN 60751 (according to IEC 751), interchangeability, excellent long time stability and accuracy. It offers an optimal price performance ratio in large volume applications including HVAC and industrial equipment


Technical Data

  • Type: TO92
  • Nominal Resistance R₀ [Ω]: Pt100
  • Temperature Coefficient (TCR): 3850
  • Tolerance Class: F 0.3 (B)
  • Min. Temp. °C: -50
  • Max. Temp. °C: 150
  • Min. Tolerance Temp. °C: -50
  • Max. Tolerance Temp. °C: 150
  • Size [mm] (LxW₁xW₂xH): 4.2 / 4.1 / 2.54 / 2.6
  • LL / H₂ / W₂ (mm): 12.5 / 0.3 / 0.5
  • Connection Technology: Soft Soldering
  • Specific Volume Resistance: 20 °C = 5 x 1016 Ωcm 150 °C = 5 x 1013 Ωcm
  • Physical Data For Housing: Material: duroplastic
    Coefficient of thermal expansion: 13 x 10-6 1/K
    Thermal Conductivity: 0.65 W/mK
    Moisture absorption: 0.5 % (P.C.T. :121 °C, 24 hours)
  • Soldering Connection: Cu alloy Sn/Pb coating
  • Self-Heating: Pt 100: 0.4 K/mW at 0 °C
    Pt 1000: 0.2 K/mW at 0 °C
  • Packaging: VCI-Plastic bag
  • Storage Life: 9 months (in original packaging).
    Nitrogen atmosphere recommended.

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