Sensors for Mobility Applications

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Make Mobility Safer and Cleaner – Pt Sensors Support your Success

Sustainability and well-being are substantially facilitated by an efficient use of resources, and the control and reduction of harmful substances and gases in our environment.

Today’s mobility and industrial processing can thereby be rendered more economic and ecologic by precise temperature sensing and accurate temperature control.

For more than 20 years YAGEO Nexensos has been keeping the market and technology leading position for high temperature sensors used to monitor and control exhaust gas emissions of diesel and gasoline cars. We transferred our experience into the electromobility market with new customized products to satisfy our customer needs for new mobility applications.

Experience Transferred to Electromobility

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YAGEO Nexensos relies on its decades of experience and expert knowledge in precise and reliable temperature sensing to support its customers and to address and solve new challenges and temperature sensing applications in the emerging e-mobility future. Customer oriented innovation, reliable technologies and a fast transfer from development to production enable your business success and product roadmaps. We are convinced that these values increase your room to innovate, your position to optimize your total cost of ownership, and help you to improve the overall reliability and performance of your products and solutions. Our global presence ensures local availability of products and engineering support and makes YAGEO Nexensos the optimal partner for your projects.

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Temperature Monitoring of Exhaust Gas Emissions in Diesel and Gasoline Cars Reduce CO2, Particle and NOx Emissions

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For decades our products support the trend to lowered emissions of trucks, diesel and gasoline cars. Our high temperature sensor elements help to reduce CO2, particle and NOx emissions and monitor the status and function of the exhaust cleaning systems for thousands of working cycles during the entire operating lifetime of any vehicle.

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