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Pellet grill

Precise temperature control is essential for many key technologies, including several aspects of our daily lives.

Pt-RTDs from Heraeus Nexensos have been used in pyrolytic ovens and home appliance applications for many years. A relatively new application for Pt sensors is monitoring the temperature of wood pellet cooking grills and meat, directly influencing the cooking experience and taste.

Pellet grills typically operate over a temperature range of 150 °F to 550 °F (about 65 °C to 290 °C), with an optimal range of 200 to 350 °F (about 95 to 180 °C) for most grilled items. A desire to properly sear meat is pushing manufacturers to offer units with maximum grill temperatures of 400 °C and higher.

To delivery uniform temperatures and ensure safe operation some grill models monitor not only the cooking chamber, but also the higher temperatures produced in the combustion chamber.

A reliable temperature control not only guarantees safe operation, but also maximizes the performance of the grill and the taste of the grilled food.

How does a pellet grill work and why is precision temperature monitoring required?

  • The fuel source is uniform-sized hardwood pellets. A motor-driven auger feeds the pellets into a firebox
  • A combustion fan ensures adequate air supply and promotes even temperature distribution
  • A platinum temperature sensor provides grill temperature data to a digital temperature controller
  • The controller manages the internal temperature by controlling the fuel and air flow to the firebox, ensuring the grill maintains the set-point temperature
  • Remote monitoring and control via a smartphone app
  • The venturi-style firebox creates the ultimate wood-burning fire, circulating pure hardwood smoke and flavor throughout the grill
  • Pellet grills offer the fast pre-heat of gas grills with the aroma and taste of charcoal, without the wait

Many pellet grills utilize additional sensor probes to measure internal meat temperature. Accurate, real-time temperature measurement used with available apps provides easy remote monitoring, resulting in the highest food quality, aroma, and taste.

Benefitting from M222 and HDA Sensors - High Accuary Over the Full Measuring Range and Long Sensor Lifetime

Medium Temperature Sensors

The pellet grill application benefits from the typical advantages of Pt-RTDs, such as a wide operating temperature range, high accuracy over the full measuring range spanning from room temperature to several hundred °C, low signal drift, and long sensor life.

In the rare case that a replacement sensor is needed, the standardized DIN signal of the RTDs ensures easy sensor availability and replacement without any accuracy or performance loss.

The Perfect Match - Heraeus Nexensos Sensors for Medium and High Temperature Range

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