Reliable Temperature Sensing in Power Electronics, E-Motors and Charging Infrastructure

Fast, accurate and reliable - these are the key prerequisites to support your successful product development for the electromobility market!

YAGEO Nexensos offers superior technology and performance for temperature sensing in challenging applications like power electronics, e-motor and charging infrastructures. With a broad range of Pt RTDs and different sensor assembly solutions we support your innovation strength and agility to succeed in an evolving market.

Learn about our current activities and sensor solutions for applications in power electronics, e-motors and charging applications.

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Our Experts

Our portfolio and engineering support will be presented by Dr. Christoph Hartnig (VP Business Development) and Martin Bleifuss (Head of Application Engineering) at YAGEO Nexensos.

Christoph Hartnig, Heraeus Nexensos Business Development

Dr. Christoph Hartnig

Business Development

Martin Bleifuss - Application Engineering, Heraeus Nexensos

Martin Bleifuss

Application Engineering

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