Primetime for power electronics: Heraeus Electronics introduces new flagship metal ceramic substrate

Hanau, Germany, June 5th, 2018 is the new metal ceramic substrate of Heraeus Electronics Layout by courtesy of Fraunhofer IISB is the new metal ceramic substrate of Heraeus Electronics

Heraeus Electronics, a leading provider of materials solutions for the semiconductor and electronic packaging industries, showcases the new premium metal ceramic substrate (AMB-Si3N4) as well as the associated substrate family Condura at PCIM trade fair in Nuremberg.

E-mobility drives demand for power electronic modules is an active metal brazed silicon nitride substrate (Si3N4), which offers a variety of benefits compared to other metal ceramic substrates. It is vested with excellent mechanical properties ensuring high bending strength and high fracture toughness. Furthermore, offers outstanding thermal conductivity for heat dissipation and is therefore ideal for high-performance power electronic modules used in automotive, energy and traction applications.

Power electronic modules are in particular needed for the growing e-mobility market. With an increasing number of hybrid and electric vehicles, the industry is demanding efficient, economical, and reliable power electronic components. It is expected that demand for silicon nitride ceramic substrates with high reliability will increase in the future by expanded use in power semiconductor modules installed in electric drivetrains.

Condura – a new family of metal ceramic substrates

In addition to its premium product, Heraeus Electronics offers a comprehensive portfolio of metal ceramic substrates to optimally address customers’ requirements. The Condura family consists of the flagship product (AMB-Si3N4), Condura.extra (DCB-ZTA) with enhanced mechanical stability to improve module reliability and processability as well as Condura.classic (DCB-Al2O3), the long-proven standard for the power electronics industry.

Services beyond the product

To improve yield, lower production risks and to avoid cleaning steps, Heraeus Electronics also introduces Condura Plus. Metal ceramic substrates can be equipped with pre-applied flux-free solder pads for die attach. This cuts the steps for die attach in half, simplifying the soldering process significantly.

Heraeus Electronics also offers reliable IATF 16949 certified supply of the Condura portfolio. IATF 16949 is the technical specification introduced upon request by car manufacturers to build and certify a standard in the quality management system of suppliers. Engineering Services including simulation, prototype design and assembly as well as testing and analyses, make Heraeus Electronics the one-stop materials solutions partner for all power electronics applications.