Green Transformation: Heraeus Electronics Participates in EU-Project "ALL2GaN" for Power Electronics

Heraeus Electronics is proud to announce its participation in the EU-funded research project "ALL2GaN" (Affordable smart GaN IC solutions for greener applications). This collaborative project, led by Infineon Austria, brings together 45 partners from twelve countries with a total budget of approximately 60 million euros. The aim of ALL2GaN is to harness the energy-saving potential of gallium nitride (GaN) power semiconductors, making them easily integrable into various applications to enhance energy efficiency and reduce emissions


Energy efficiency plays a vital role in reducing carbon emissions and achieving climate neutrality. Gallium nitride (GaN) chips have emerged as a game-changing technology in this regard. They deliver more power in a compact size, ensuring highly efficient energy conversion and minimizing the carbon footprint of digital devices.

Kick-Off Meeting at Infineon in Villach

As part of the ALL2GaN project, Heraeus Electronics will focus on developing innovative packaging materials specifically tailored for the new generation of GaN chips. These materials will support the miniaturization and high power density of GaN chips, enabling their seamless integration into a wide range of applications.

The project aims to create a modular and easily adaptable GaN power semiconductor toolbox, allowing for swift integration into various applications. This versatility will result in increased energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. Telecommunications, data centers, server farms, e-mobility, renewable energies and smart grid solutions are among the sectors that will benefit from the highly integrable GaN chip generation "Made in Europe." Projections indicate that this new GaN chip generation can reduce energy losses in applications by an average of 30 percent, saving approximately 218 megatons of CO2 worldwide.

"ALL2GaN is a significant step towards achieving the European Green Deal goals. By developing cost-efficient and easily integrable GaN chips, we are accelerating the transition towards a greener and more sustainable future," said Dr. Michael Jörger, Head of Business Line Power Electronic Materials. "We are excited to collaborate with leading industry partners and contribute to the advancement of energy-saving technologies that will benefit multiple sectors and reduce the carbon footprint."

The ALL2GaN project aligns with the European Union's objectives to drive climate neutrality, promote sustainable growth, and establish a competitive and resilient European industry. It is a key building block in the European Chip Act, fostering the development of a robust European chip ecosystem and contributing to European tech sovereignty.

Heraeus Electronics is committed to driving innovation and sustainability in the power electronics industry, and its participation in the ALL2GaN project demonstrates its dedication to shaping a greener and more energy-efficient future.

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