Electric Revolution

Heraeus Electronics at the IMAPS-UK Centre for Power Electronics Annual Conference

Are you prepared for the electric revolution? Join us virtually at the Centre for Power Electronics Conference (CPE) from 13 - 15 July 2021.

Meet our experts at CPE! We provide you with reliable solutions for power module assemblies that offer superior performance, faster time to market, and the highest level of reliability for EV and automotive electronics.

Do not miss the chance to network with leading Power Electronics experts and researchers and watch live invited keynotes and presentations from leading academics and industry experts.

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Highly Reliable Packaging Material Solutions for E-mobility Applications

Date/Time: Wednesday 14 July/12:00pm GMT+1

Speaker: Mr Habib Mustain, Power Electronics Segment Manager

The demand for higher efficiency of electrical drive systems in e-mobility, leading to longer travel distance or higher speed per battery loading, requires high power density packaging solutions, perfectly matched material combinations displaying high temperature stability and maximum reliability of drivetrain inverters in electric vehicles.

Heraeus Electronics, a leading provider of material solutions, offers a perfectly matched materials portfolio for power module assembly – from bonding wires, sinter pastes, metal ceramic substrates, metal combining bonding wires and material systems like the Die Top System and pre-soldered and pre-sintered metal ceramic substrates.

Die Top System (DTS) with Pre-sintered Silicon Nitride AMB Substrate for Power Module Applications

Date/Time: Thursday 15 July/12:45pm GMT+1

Speaker: Mr Habib Mustain, Power Electronics Segment Manager

Increased power density and operating temperature of a power module requires more efficient and higher reliable interconnection to fulfill the demands. Heraeus Electronics developed the Die Top System to enableopper wires or ribbons on top of the die. The combination of the Die Top System and power copper wire or ribbon can maximize power density and power cycling reliability as well as the lifetime of a power module. Matched pre-applied sinter paste and functional surface of the Si3N4 AMB substrate provides robust and simplified die assembly results in improved die shear strength and reliability. Pre-applied sintering is a cost-effective alternative to sinter film.

Pre-sintered metal ceramic substrates are an alternative for module manufacturers who look for simplified production processes and prefer to use pre-applied sinter material instead of printing paste.

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