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Sinter seminars by Heraeus Electronics

Sinter Seminar exclusively for your company on request.

In recent years, silver sinter materials have attracted rising attention as interconnect materials in power electronic devices. This is due to the requirement for devices:

  • Longer lifetime
  • Higher efficiency
  • Less manufacturing steps
  • Lead free regulation

Advantages of sintering

As a leading materials supplier and solution provider, Heraeus develops robust sinter joining technologies for power electronic applications. The outstanding thermal and reliabe capabilities were proven in high power application and in many years of experience in close cooperation with our customers.

Familiarize yourself with the sinter technology

This 2 days event is intended to familiarize you with the sinter technology and learn more about the needed process know-how. Speakers from recognized international companies, equipment manufacturers and institutes will give you an insight into the new technology.

Take a look at the schedule:

Sinter technology in power electronics:

  • Market trends
  • Sinter technology fundamentals

Sinter material and process know-how

  • Sinter equipments
  • Sinter paste materials & process parameter
  • Production - challenges & trouble shooting
  • Reliability and anaylisis

System solutions enabled by sinter technology

Evening event

Hands-on training & practical experiences at Heraeus Application Center

Marketplace with sinter technology equipment suppliers

Impressions of Sinter Seminar 2019

Video of the Event

Sinter Seminar 2019

A wealth of sinter know-how at Heraeus - and again the highlight of the last seminar of HET Academy: In Hanau, attendees learned all about sintering technology in action and were even able to try it out for themselves.

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Impressions of Sinter Seminar 2018

Video of the Event

Sinter Seminar 2018

The sinter expert Heraeus informed about market trends, sinter technology fundamentals, sinter paste materials and process parameter. Theory was followed by a hands-on-training with practical experience in the application center of Heraeus in Hanau.

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