Aluminum Power Bonding Wires and Ribbons

In today’s cost-driven, fast-paced electronics market, aluminum bonding wires and ribbons from a reliable supplier like Heraeus can help you to streamline your processes and get your products faster to market.

Aluminum Thick Bonding Wire

Heavy aluminum bonding wires and aluminum bonding ribbons are used for a wide variety of purposes. Since aluminum has twice the current-carrying capacity of copper per unit of weight, they are essential whenever power (i.e. not only signals) needs to be transmitted.

We are unique in that we have specialized in aluminum as part of our core business, while also offering solder and sinter pastes, substrate materials, and other power electronics products. Heraeus supplies a full range of superb, high-purity products ranging from heavy wire for low currents all the way to ribbons with large cross-sections for high power transmission. All of them boast high reliability, excellent performance, and outstanding workability for a wide range of processing approaches and applications.

Equally important is the fact that we supply these products in forms that simplify and streamline your own processes by enabling lean, cost-effective production with standardized methods. They are easy to handle and highly suitable for fully automated production.

Heavy aluminum bonding wires and aluminum bonding ribbons from Heraeus may be just the solution you’re looking for.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • A very wide bonding process window
  • High productivity: special Heraeus spools enable extra-long lengths
  • A wide range of types, letting you find exactly the right one for your application
  • High reliability and long service life as shown by all common endurance and dependability tests
  • Conformity with all major bond test standards
  • Compliance with legal requirements including REACH and RoHS

How we support you:

  • We invest in your success by constantly conducting research projects.
  • Customer-specific advice from experienced engineers and developers help you to choose the best materials and technologies and optimally design your own products.
  • Extensive material testing in our Technology Center

Our thick aluminum bonding wires and aluminum bonding ribbons are made for diverse applications and industry fields, ranging across many products used in everyday life:


  • Engine management (engine control units)
  • Transmission controllers
  • Brake and stability systems (ABS, ESP, EPS / EPAS)
  • Pressure sensors (brake boosters, differential pressure control in air intake and exhaust gas flows, airflow measurement)
  • Power electronics modules for drivetrains in electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Generator control
  • Battery connections for electric and hybrid vehicles

Power electronics in industrial use:

Our products also excellently meet the requirements for power electronics, and especially state-of-the-art IGBT modules. These are built for drives, current inverters, and power supplies, as well as many other uses including:

  • Renewable energy sources (as inverters for wind and water power as well as solar energy)
  • Trains
  • Electric vehicles used in industry, such as forklift trucks
  • Power transmission substations
  • Marine applications (e.g. steering systems and power supplies for ships)
  • Elevators and escalators
  • Household appliances


  • Radio frequency antenna modules for mobile communication

High purity and best bonding performance wires with high reliability:

Our Aluminium wires consist of high-purity aluminum with selected, uniformly distributed additives in defined concentrations. They ensure a wide bonding process window while meeting the increasingly strict reliability requirements for interconnects in motor vehicles and power electronics.

Figures of AlubondPure wire

Corrosion-resistant types (Al-CR):

The corrosion-resistant versions of our aluminum wires consist of high-purity aluminum with selected, uniformly distributed additives in defined concentrations. Identifiable by the “C” in their designations, they exhibit superior resistance when exposed to moisture, humidity, and extreme pressures and temperatures.

Technical information for corrosion resistant wire
Figures of AlubondPrime wire

 AluBond Prime Wire Factsheet

Creep-resistant and high-strength wire types:

The addition of magnesium gives wires high bending fatigue strength for special applications. These types are mainly used in power components with diameters > 100 µm, but we can also manufacture smaller diameters.

  • Al 0.5% Mg

 AluBond Plus - TDS

AluBond ALW-49P: pure aluminum bonding wire containing larger amounts of additives for greater strength

Pure and ultra-pure aluminum wires are cost-effective for bonding semiconductor components for high power ratings. Al alloy wires in diameters > 100 µm, due to their homogeneous structure, are especially well-suited for interconnect applications.

 AluBond ALW-49P factsheet
 AluBond Al W49P - TDS

AluBond Prime Ribbon: Aluminum Bonding Ribbon

 AluBond Prime Ribbon - TDS