CucorAl Plus: Copper Core Aluminum Wire for Power Applications

Heraeus CucorAl Plus bonding wire is a composite wire type with a copper core and aluminum shell. The material mix of aluminum and copper provides excellent electrical and mechanical properties.

CucorAl Plus: Copper Core Aluminum Wire

Power electronic devices are used for a wide field of applications. The requirements by new applications, for example in electric mobility or renewable energies, are increasing enormous. The materials used must withstand higher power densities and switching frequencies. This in turn leads to higher operating temperatures of up to 200 °C. At the same time, the requirements for the reliability of the modules increases, e.g. more than 15 years for automotive applications.

Because of the increasing operation temperature, conventional aluminum wires will usually be a limiting factor in such a system. Compared to aluminum, copper has a better thermal and electrical conductivity and a lower coefficient of electrical expansion. However, bonding copper on the semiconductor is not possible.

With CucorAl Plus, Heraeus offers a solution that perfectly combines the advantages of aluminum and copper within one wire. Replacing aluminum wire with CucorAl Plus is simple and will lead to immediate benefits to your existing power module design.

Key benefits of CucorAl Plus:

  • Enables power module operation temperature of up to 200 °C
  • Up to 5x higher module lifetime compared to aluminum
  • Enables higher power density within the module design, through
    • 20% higher ampacity and
    • fusing current capabilities
  • Compatibility with standard bonding and standard chip technology
  • Customer proofed


 Factsheet - CucorAl Plus
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