Condura®.ultra Ag-free AMB Substrate

Condura ultra
Substrate layout courtesy of Fraunhofer IISB

Condura®.ultra is a cost efficient, highly reliable Ag-free AMB substrate that enables bonding silicon-nitride-based ceramics with copper foils. Condura®.ultra was developed using a special technique enabling high performance Si3N4 substrates by using new, Ag-free active metal brazing (AMB) bonding technology.

Condura®.ultra is designed to offer outstanding reliability and processing (e.g., sintering, bonding, soldering). The high-performance Si3N4 Ag-free AMB substrate is available with standard and thick Cu layers and thermal conductivity of ≥60 W/m.K and ≥80 W/m.K.

Key Features

Condura ultra AMB Substrate
Condura®.ultra shows excellent thermal performance
  • Outstanding reliability and processing (e.g., sintering, bonding, soldering)
  • Cost efficient
  • Enables thick Cu layer
  • Offers option for thinner ceramics vs AIN for equal thermal resistance