mAgic® PE360: Pressure Silver Sinter Paste for Module Attach Applications with Large Area Sintering

Sintering is an established technology for the die attach in power modules and has widely replaced soldering due to its superior properties. To fully use the potential of a power module, the next step is to enable pressure sintering for the interface between the module and the baseplate or heatsink.

Large area sintering

mAgic® PE360 is designed to enter a new era in pressure sintering. Due to the large area, the drying performance with regards to drying time and voiding channels is key. At the same time the heat needs to be dissipated away from the power module. This increases efficiency, reliability and allows the module to be operated with higher power or less semiconductor material. Additionally, the sintering parameters must be decreased to a minimum. Transfer molded power modules are sensitive components which, being exposed to high mechanical pressure and temperature, can easily suffer damage during the sintering process. mAgic® PE360 is specifically engineered for the challenging requirements of module attach sintering.

Key benefits of mAgic® PE360:

  • Enables the maximum system performance
  • High thermal conductivity and excellent reliability for longer lifetime
  • Low sintering parameters to protect sensitive power modules
  • Excellent workability for printing (PE360P) and slit nozzle dispensing (PE360D) application
  • Lead-free and halogen zero formulation for environmental compliance
  • No flux residue, no cleaning required