magiCu PE401: Copper Pressure Sinter Paste

mini and micro LED

magiCu PE401 is an innovative pressure-assist material suitable for die-attach application of high power packages. It is a cost effective Ag-free sinter paste that forms a highly reliable joint with excellent thermal conductivity. It is therefore a perfect solution for the megatrend towards lifetime increase and efficiency improvement of power electronic devices in electromobility.

The material is lead-free and does not contain halogens and nano particles. Copper sinter paste is applicable with standard sinter equipment and allows both wet- and dry placement process. It is compatible to standard production process requirements.

Key Features

  • Optimized for die attach
  • Consistent printing
  • Zero halogen
  • Low sintering parameters
    • 280 ºC sintering temperature
    • 20 MPa sintering pressure
    • 5 minutes sintering time