Microbond® DA5118: Extend your Competitive Edge

High Lead, High Melting Temperature, Solvent-Clean Solder Paste for Die Attach.

Power Electronics plays an increasingly vital role in the advancement of electrical systems. Electric Vehicles (EV) depend on highly efficient power electronics to drive its electric motors. Renewable energy and industrial systems rely on new power electronics for higher energy efficiency and reliability.

An immensely agile and forward-looking platform

Power Electronics packages have big expectations to achieve greater performance and reach higher reliability. Heraeus Electronics analyzed the multi-facet packaging considerations to interpret into the forward-looking and outstanding Microbond® DA5118 platform to realize packaging excellence. This platform is immensely agile for development of die, clip, and bridge attachment of lead frame packages to realize packaging excellence. It also features attributes to handle increasingly demanding power packages' manufacturability—a solution with a well-defined competitive edge.

Microbond® DA5118 is our latest die-attach solder paste platform for Power Electronics to overcome challenges of containing devices in smaller packages, function reliably and manufacture at a reasonable cost.

Microbond DA5118 D

Microbond® DA5118 D exceptional DISPENSING performance improves consistencies of multi-point showerhead paste deposit on the reduced surface area. Device reliability benefits from low void rates and easy cleanability. DA5118 D’s wide operating window improves manufacturability and is highly suitable for high volume production.

Microbond DA5118 P

Microbond® DA5118 P exhibits stable rheology for PRINTING application. Capable of up to 150mm/s high-speed printing and depositing outstanding paste deposit consistencies to reduce manufacturing variation. Excellent cleanability ensures a highly reliable die-substrate interconnection. DA5118 P ease of handling enables the highest UPH for high density lead frame devices.

Dies on thinner gauges are increasingly prevalent. DA5118 P offers spacer variant to assures minimum bond-line thickness and reduces die tilt to greatly simplify assembly controls.