Microbond® SMT911

Solder paste series for automotive applications and industrial

The flux series SMT911 consists of SOP91121 and SOP91123. Both fluxes are made for lead-free alloys and provide superior performance on a variety of surface finishes. The no-clean solder pastes are available with SAC305 or Innolot®, which includes Bismuth (Bi), Antimony (Sb) and Nickel (Ni) to a SAC system. The SAC versions are reflowable in N2 as well as air, for Innolot® N2 is recommended. A high printing definition, clear residues after soldering and optimized voiding behavior on BGA and large areas are further characteristics of the SMT911 solder paste series.

SOP91121 paste series are based on halogen-free chemistry and reduces the blowhole effect for Innolot®.

SOP91123 paste series are based on halogen-zero chemistry and has an anti-capillary effect beneath QFP & passive components.

Key benefits of Microbond® SMT911:

  • Anti-capillary effect beneath QFP & passive components
  • Reduces blowhole effect for Innolot®