Solder Powders

Solder powders are the base of every solder paste. The quality of the material, the size of the particles and the possibility to adapt alloys to specific needs are crucial. Heraeus Electronics' profound expertise and production capabilities make us your partner of choice for solder powder.

Solder Powders

Heraeus Electronics solder powder products must deliver an extraordinary performance in the solder paste application. As such, Heraeus Electronics provides both the finished solder paste and the crucial solder powder.

Our experience in fine metallic powders production enables us to customize, build and improve powder just as well as the actual production equipment. Our state-of-the-art automatic online production process ensures high product consistency. In a safe and clean working environment, Heraeus Electronics produces high quality solder powders from type 2 to type 4 (according to IPC standard) with uniform microstructure and low oxide content.

This premium powder is produced in our facilities in China and Romania.

Key features

  • High product consistency through automatic online production process
  • Powders and the respective production equipment may be customized and built according specific needs
  • The right solution for you, adapted to your application