Passive Component Pastes

Automation is crucial for the production process of electronic boards. Heraeus Passive Component Pastes offer sufficient green strength for plate transfer with machine dipping. No matter if you need screen print, dip or spray application; Heraeus Passive Component Pastes will be the right choice.

Component Pastes

Passive Component Pastes are thick film metallization products for passive components, including silver and silver-palladium based termination materials and inner electrodes pastes.

The challenge of each component paste is to be formulated to give sufficient green strength for plate transfer with machine dipping. Different rheologies for various application forms are necessary: screen print, dip or spray application. In Addition, the products have to be conform to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances EU directive (RoHs compliant).

Heraeus offers a complete line of RoHS compliant termination materials for the passive component industry. This line includes solderable and plateable terminations. These products have no lead and no cadmium.

These materials can be used in all common application machines; including plate and belt dip equipment. Further rheologies are available for screen print and spray application. Heraeus has on site process capabilities, including automatic machine dipping and Ni and Sn electrolytic barrel plating, to insure optimum device performance with our metallizations.

Applications, metallization pastes for:

  • Piezoelectric: PZT, actuators
  • Filter, resonator: including 5G ceramics
  • Capacitor: MLCC, chip capacitor
  • Resistor: chip resistor, chip fuse, array
  • Varistor: MLV, chip varistor, disc varistor, array
  • Inductor: MLI, chip inductor, array

Typical products: