• Paste Type: Conductor
  • Application Method: Screen Printing
  • Substrate: PZT, Alumina, Other Functional Ceramic
  • Metal: Ag
  • Application: Component Metallization
  • Description: 3255 is a silver conductor paste designed to screen print solderable electrodes onto a variety of electrical ceramic component devices. The fired film forms a highly adherent bond to many types of substrates, including piezoelectric transducers (PZTs), NTC thermistors, alumina, steatite and porcelain. The metalized electrode is solderable for external lead attachments.
  • Key features: Excellent adhesion#Excellent solderability#Compatible on piezoelectric transducers (PZTs), NTC thermistors, alumina, steatite and porcelain
  • Process Temperature: 725-850 ºC peak temperature. Dwell time 8-12 minutes at peak. Cycle time of 45-60 minutes. Larger parts may require a longer firing profile.
  • Film Thickness : 8-14 um
  • Viscosity: 110-130 kcps Brookfield RVT spindle #7, at 20 rpm, 25 °C
  • Conductivity: ≤ 3.0 milliohms/square at 25 um fired film thickness
  • Alloy Ratio: 100

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