C7403 - C7404A

  • Paste Type: Conductor
  • Application Method: Screen Printing
  • Substrate: Alumina
  • Metal: Cu
  • Application: Power / LED
  • Description: C7403 / C7404A is a ENIG plateable, wire bondable copper conductor system developed for applying thick layers of copper. It is optimized for lapped AlN substrates as well as 96 % alumina. It is intended for use where cost sensitive applications involving high thermal and electrical properties are required. C7403 / C7404A are applied by screen printing, dried in air and fired in a nitrogen atmosphere. C7403 is applied by printing as the base layer. C7404A is printed on top of C7403 to build the thick layered film up to 300 um.
  • Key features: Compatible with AIN and Al2O3#Excellent electrical and thermal properties#Excellent fired film density#High fired film thickness (up to 300 um) ENIG and ENEPIG plateable#Wire bondable-thick Al wire
  • Process Temperature: Fire in Nitrogen with O2 between 2-10 ppm 925-950 ºC peak. Dwell time of 8-10 minutes.
  • Film Thickness : 5 layers of C7404A can be printed to achieve a fired film thickness of up to 300 um.
  • Viscosity: C7403: 120-220 KcpsC7404A: 150-250 KcpsBrookfield HBT, SC4-14 at 10 rpm, 25 °C
  • Conductivity: < 3.0 milliohms/square at 12 um fired film thickness
  • Alloy Ratio: 100

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