• Paste Type: End Termination
  • Application Method: Dipping
  • Substrate: MLCC
  • Metal: Ag
  • Application: Capacitor - MLCC, chip
  • Description: ET2010 is a dippable, polymer-based silver conductor formulated as a post termination layer. The flexible termination can be applied over previously terminated multilayer ceramic chip capacitors. ET2010 can also function in chip resistor and chip fuse applications where cost and reliability are a concern. This termination is Pb and Cd free, Ni/Sn plateable, and provides excellent flexibility for rigorous industry bend test standards.
  • Key features: Ni and Sn plateable#Solvent resistant#Room temperature stable#Low Ag content#Bend test flexibility ≥ 10mm
  • Viscosity: 23-33 Kcps Brookfield HBTSC4-14 spindle, 6R utility cup at 10 rpm, 25 C

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