• Paste Type: LTCC
  • Application Method: Screen Printing
  • Substrate: LTCC
  • Metal: AgPd
  • Application: LTCC
  • Description: TC7406 is a silver palladium via fill conductor (ratio Ag:Pd= 13:1) which provides excellent compatibility with Heraeus tape system of CT700 and CT800 Series during the co-firing process.
  • Key features: Optimized for stencil printing of vias#Recommended as a via-fill paste for top vias for connection to Au pastes TC7104 and C5756#Also compatible with Ag and AgPt co-firing pastes, TC7303 (LPA410-053) and TC7601 (LPA610-066), and with various post-firing pastes
  • Process Temperature: Fire at 850-865 °C (peak) for up to 30 minutes, and with a total firing cycle time up to 10 hours (most often practicable in a box oven).
  • Viscosity: 150-250 Pas (25 °C, D = 15/s)
  • Conductivity: ≤ 0.05

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