• Paste Type: LTCC
  • Application Method: Powder
  • Substrate: LTCC
  • Metal: None
  • Application: LTCC
  • Description: Heraeus X200W LTCC powder mix is designed to be cast into green tape used for module and passive component applications. In these applications the relatively low permittivity and low loss of this material allow for the production of high-performance components and multilayer circuits. X200W is compatible with binder systems typically used in tape fabrication. In tape form this material is also compatible with Heraeus silver and gold conductor systems.
  • Key features: Silver conductor compatible#High Q Near zero#Tf (temperature coefficient of frequency)
  • Process Temperature: 870-880 °C
  • Resistor Series: Insulation resistance: > 1013 ohmxcm (at 25 ºC)

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