Heraeus Nexensos Develops Extremely Small and Flexible Temperature Sensors - Another Important Step Towards Miniaturization Has Been Achieved

Germany - Kleinostheim, 26.01.2021

Miniaturization is keeping manufacturers of microprocessors, electronic components and smartphones busy for some time . Following Moore's Law, devices are becoming smaller and smaller. This also increases the demands for variety of sensors. With its new, very small and flexible sensor platform, Heraeus Nexensos opens access to temperature detection in the smallest electronic components.

Exact Temperature Measurement with Long Service Life

Accurate temperature measurement is essential for a safe and durable operation of electronic devices to prevent overheating while maintaining maximum performance. Here, miniaturization and long service life are not mutually exclusive, as initial tests with our smallest sensors confirm.

Accurate, Responsive and Flexible – to Monitor Subtle Temperature Changes in Real Time

Smaller than a match head: the miniaturized flexible temperature sensor from Heraeus Nexensos
Smaller than a match head: the miniaturized flexible temperature sensor from Heraeus Nexensos

The smaller the sensor, the closer it can be placed to the heat source. This makes it possible to, e.g. monitor temperature peaks between thermal interface material layers - such as in power electronics, microprocessors or batteries.

The small footprint of less than 1.0 mm x 0.6 mm, combined with a low height of 50 µm gives freedom to position the sensor elements even in the smallest available spaces. Thermal diffusion lengths are minimized and temperature detection becomes significantly faster.

The bendable structure enables close contact with curved and flexible surfaces, such as smart textiles or smart/linked medical applications and results in improved heat transfer rates.

The high measuring accuracy of ±0.1 °C, together with the small thermal mass, thus enables fast and precise temperature sensing.

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