Sinterable SMD Package - Surface Mount RTD Elements

Surface mount RTD (SMD) elements are designed for automated board mounting in high-volume applications on printed circuit boards where long-time stability, interchangeability combined with low costs are important. Delivery form on wafer frame offers best protection, ready for processing with standardized “pick and place” technology.

Sinterable Temperature Sensor

Power electronics represent the main application focus of the SMD-SC temperature sensor. The design allows a potential free positioning direct to the heat source/die. The topside metallization is developed for Al-thick wire bonding and the backside is designed for silver sinter processes with and without pressure. Both sides (metallization) are electrically isolated from each other and therefore no additional structuring of the substrate is needed for direct sintering.

Experts at Heraeus comply with your requirements and preferences, ranging from the simple modification of a standard product, to a totally new product development. Besides standardized products, we produce solutions according to needs and budget.

Our Innovation – Your Advantage

  • Quick response time ensures safety for human and materials
  • Assembly by sintering (with pressure and without pressure)
  • Top surface connection with standard bonding wires (Heraeus Al H11 Ø 300µm)
  • Save substrate area – it can be allocated potential free direct to the heat source / die
  • No special structure on substrate needed, because the heat conduction (metallic layer) and the electronical connection are separated from each other (isolated)
  • Long- term stable, high precision temperature with standardized characteristics by pt-technology
  • Application temperature range over 200 °C depending on joining technology
Power Electronic

Technical Data

SMD 1206 SC have the following configuration:

  • Temperature coefficient (TC): 3850 ppm/K
  • Temperature range from -50 °C over +200 °C
  • Available in platinum (pt)
  • RoHS compliant

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