Platinum-RTDs Support Sustainability by Maximizing Lifetime of Equipment and Reducing Maintenance Efforts

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Sustainability is not linked solely to the amount of resources and materials needed to produce a certain product. The operating cost for products and equipment, plus energy and maintenance costs are also relevant factors.

The life of any system is maximized when the long-term operating conditions function within design parameters. HVAC systems ensure that building occupants are comfortable all year round.

These systems, however, play an important role that goes beyond comfort. Heating and cooling systems also provide optimal operating conditions for key equipment, such as network servers. Proper temperature management supports long, trouble-free operation.

The intrinsic high-stability and low measurement drift of platinum sensors enables accurate temperature measurement well beyond the useful life of the equipment.

In industrial and building automation Platinum-RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detector) generate highly accurate process or environmental data which help to reduce the overall error budgets.

The high reliability and long lifetime support high uptimes and reduce maintenance efforts.

If replacement is needed at all, the standardized characteristics (DIN EN 60751) ensure easy replacement with little or no re-calibration efforts.

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