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Bocon Group is a Chinese company specialized in industrial temperature sensors and sensors for heat meters. Their products are widely used in industrial applications, scientific research, and diverse HVAC applications, such as heat metering and wind power equipment. Especially in heat metering Bocon is the biggest local supplier in China.


The company is offering two different designs of heat metering probes: One design uses the YAGEO Nexensos PCB part for the European market meeting the EU heat meter standard. The other design meets the GB heat meter standard and is using SMD type. With these SMDs (Surface Mount Devices) Bocon made their own – less costly – PCBs for the domestic heat metering market.

The SMD product allows Bocon to combine the advantages of a Pt-RTD with a higher integration depth in the sensor assembly which results in a competitive high performance product.

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In November 2020 the Chinese heat metering standard GB32224-2020 was released. The new standard requires special life tests for the heat meter probes, as well as a new probe design according to European standards. As a consequence, Bocon needed to combine their two production lines and create a new one in 2021.

The new probe design is more compact using a reducing tube with limited assembly space inside. YAGEO Nexensos offered different SMD options and packaging methods to support the backward integration at Bocon with the best possible solution.

Thanks to YAGEO Nexensos’ flexibility the SMD could be established as a competitive solution for Bocon and enabled Bocon to significantly expand its share in the domestic market.

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