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We Are YAGEO Nexensos. The Global Market Leader for Maximum Reliability in Temperature Sensing.

Sensing is a basic technology in the modern society. It integrates devices, tools and equipment into smart applications and smart networks. Precise temperature sensing and control ensures safe, efficient and sustainable operation in power generation, health and other industries.

As an expert for temperature sensing and market leader in the field of RTD sensors  we are proud of more than 500 million sensors in the field and more than 100 years of experience in Pt thin film technology. Always a step ahead, we are addressing the "next sensing" solution for our customers and partner.

 Precise Temperature Control. A Key to Innovation.

Raph Meschkat, President YAGEO Nexensos
Ralph Meschkat, Managing Director of YAGEO Nexensos GmbH

„Next to time, temperature is the central physical quantity in our world," declares Ralph Meschkat, managing director of YAGEO Nexensos. „And precise temperature control is the essential key to innovation and sustainable growth in countless fields of applications and industries."

With our products we enable our customers to make their applications safer, more precise and more sustainable.

Superior Sensor Elements and Assemblies for Maximum Reliability in Temperature Sensing

When it comes to precision and reliability, platinum temperature sensors are your solution of choice. Not only are they able to deliver constantly accurate and fast data, they do so even in extreme temperatures and challenging environments.

Reliable Production & Delivery Capacities around the World and in Large Quantities

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With close to 100 million sensor produced annually at sites in Europe and Asia, we ensure reliable supply and availability by a global production footprint and highest quality standards.

A Reliable Partner with Market-Leading Expertise

In 1906, we invented the first ever platinum temperature sensor. A development, that has paved the way for maximum reliable temperature measurement. With more than 500 million products in the field we are proud of our leading position for platinum temperature sensors.