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Through the years the environment has been polluted due to the excessive and persistent combustion of fossil fuels as source of energy. As a result, the reduction of the carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint is a significant challenge for society and industry, demanding alternatives to a life based on fossil resources now and in the following decades. In particular, the decarbonization of the energy and transport sector as main contributors to CO2 emissions has to be targeted. In this context hydrogen (H2) becomes increasingly important to fight climate change.

When using renewable energy, hydrogen can be generated through water electrolysis in a CO2-free way.

Thus, this "green” hydrogen acts as an energy storage medium and can be further used in industrial applications, e.g. steel production, in combination with CO2 to produce alternative fuels and chemicals and directly as fuel for fuel cells.

The cost-efficient production of green hydrogen on an industrial scale will be an important element towards a zero-emission society.

Worldwide, countries started to develop strategies to pursue the goal of a climate-neutral society by 2050 through the deployment of hydrogen systems and green hydrogen.

Our contribution to the hydrogen economy

Heraeus has been committed to precious metals for more than 160 years, specializing in chemical process catalysts and offering a comprehensive line of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts. Utilizing our profound expertise in precious metal catalysts we are now providing electrocatalysts for PEM electrolyzers and PEM fuel cells.

Advanced Precious Metals Services for Hydrogen Customers

Besides our superior catalyst range, we offer you an extensive portfolio of precious metal services that increases the planning reliability of your business, helps you to achieve higher margins and allows you to focus on your core business.

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Moreover, activities in the entire hydrogen economy, next to hydrogen generation and re-electrification in PEM fuel cells, can be supported by the Heraeus precious metals catalyst portfolio, e.g. in hydrogen transport vial LOHC (liquid organic hydrogen carrier) or gas purification at different steps of the hydrogen cycle.

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