Die attachment on bare Cu surface by non-pressure silver sintering in inert atmosphere

05. December 2019, 4:20PM - 5:40PM
Venue: 3813
Authors: Ly May Chew, Tamira Stegmann, Erika Schwenk, Wolfgang Schmitt
Mode: Oral presentation

Silver sinter material has been considered as a promising alternative die attach material for high-lead solder as it possesses excellent properties such as high melting temperature, high thermal and electrical conductivity. This paper focuses on the development of micro-silver sinter paste for non-pressure sintering on Cu surface in inert atmosphere as a possible drop-in solution for high-lead solder material. With the newly developed sinter paste, void formation in the sintered layer was not observed and additionally a strong adhesion was generated on the Cu surface. The sintered joint can withstand the extremely high humidity condition as we observed only a slight decrease in die shear strength after 96 hours pressure cooker test (121°C, 100 % RH) of the unmolded sintered samples.