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Automotive electronic devices consist of many materials of assembly and packaging technology: aluminum bonding wires and ribbons, roll clad strips and stamped parts, metal ceramic substrates, solder paste, sinter paste and thick film paste. When these materials are combined in a single device, complexity increases. The performance and reliability of the devices does not only depend on the performance of each individual material, but also on the interplay of the materials in the end application. This also results in the need for higher integration.

Heraeus Electronics offers a broad portfolio of these materials and has decades of experience in supplying materials to the automotive industry. We dissolve these issues by creating perfectly matched solutions that minimize complexity and compromises. Heraeus Electronics is your partner of choice answering your technical challenges by offering innovative materials, matched materials as well as pre-applied and qualified material systems. Combined with our application knowledge and simulation competence we help you to shorten your development cycles, lower your costs and bring next generation products faster to market.

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