Powertrain and Electromobility

Powertrain and the electric drive systems have critical roles to play in tackling the world’s energy and climate change challenges. Electromobility is gaining traction in the mass market and becoming more economically viable for manufacturers. Heraeus' solutions for power electronics, battery connection and heating, as well as for charging deliver superior performance and ensure the highest level of reliability.

  • Cruise control
  • Engine control units
  • Fuel injection
  • Transmission control units
  • Power electronics (modules, inverter)
  • Engine
  • Battery
  • Control modules
  • Power electronics (modules, inverter)
  • On-board charging units
  • Charging devices (also external)

Choose the right Base for your Power Electronic Module

Heraeus Bonding Wires - The long proven Standard in System-in-Package

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Further Solutions for Powertrain and Electromobility

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