AgCoat™ Prime: Gold-Coated Silver Bonding Wire

With AgCoat™ Prime Heraeus offers a substitute for gold bonding wire in the highly competitive memory market. This gold-coated silver bonding wire ensures high performance at lower cost.

AgCoat™ Prime

Memory devices in the semiconductor industry rely heavily on gold for wire bonding. While electronic devices are constantly evolving and need more storage capacity, the need for cost-effective production is growing.

With AgCoat™ Prime Heraeus offers a real alternative to gold wire for the memory device packaging. AgCoat™ Prime is a silver alloy bonding wire coated with a layer of gold. Because AgCoat™ Prime's specifications are closely aligned to gold bonding wire, no inert gas is required, so no investment or changes to production equipment and facilities are necessary.

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Key benefits of AgCoat™ Prime:

  • A plug & play cost effective substitution for gold wire in the semiconductor memory segment.
  • No CAPEX investment needed for both new wire bonders and facilities infrastructure.
  • Eliminates the need of protection gas and kit during Free Air Ball (FAB) formation.
  • Heraeus engineers are available onsite to ensure your success.