AgCoat® Prime: Gold-Coated Silver Bonding Wire

AgCoat® Prime offers a substitute for gold bonding wire in the highly competitive Memory, LED and Smartcard market. This gold-coated silver bonding wire ensures high performance at a lower cost.

AgCoat™ Prime

There are many devices in the semiconductor industry that rely heavily on gold for wire bonding. While electronic devices are continually evolving and require more storage capacity, the need for cost-effective production is increasing.

With AgCoat® Prime Heraeus offers a real alternative to the gold wire for the packaging industry. AgCoat® Prime is a silver alloy bonding wire coated with a layer of gold. Because AgCoat® Prime's specifications are closely aligned to gold bonding wire, no inert gas is required, so no investment or changes to production equipment and facilities are necessary.

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Key benefits of AgCoat® Prime:

  • Gas-free FAB formation in bonding process.
  • Longer floor life (60 days) compared to Ag alloy wire​.
  • Improves second bond workability.
  • Improved reliability performance on HTS and TC compared to Au wire.
  • Retain your existing facility infrastructure to avoid any CAPEX investment.
  • Reuse of existing ball bonders in your production floor.
  • Slower IMC growth rate compared to Au wire.


 Factsheet - AgCoat® Prime