Special Bonding Wires

In the fast moving electronic markets more and more technical challenges are growing: Continuous and holistic optimization of materials, interfaces, processes and techniques is necessary to overcome technical limits in designing.

Special Wires

A comprehensive portfolio for interconnect materials opens many possibilities to design an optimal device. However, for some applications even a broad selection is just not enough, because special chemical, mechanical, or electrical properties are required. Heraeus has deep know-how and experience and as well direct influence to the design of our materials in terms of alloy, coating, diameters, etc.

Take advantage of our technical expertise and resources. We can help you to develop a bonding wire that precisely meets your specifications.

Palladium and platinum bonding wires:

Palladium and platinum bonding wires show their advantage in applications at high exposure temperatures, along with requirements for good loop stiffness and hardness.

Compared with gold and aluminum bonding wires, palladium and platinum bonding wires have considerably higher cold and warm hardness. Both bonding wires are produced from high-purity materials and have a homogeneous chemical composition, stable mechanical properties and clean smooth surfaces.

The wires are bondable in ball / wedge- and wedge / wedge process. The use of protective gas in ball bonding of palladium wire improves the ball roundness and constancy of the ball size.

Customer solutions:

Furthermore our dedicated and global team has extensive experience and expertise to support you and advice for new applications and devices. Accelerated through testing possibilities in our internal technology centers, we are able to support you in developing a bonding wire or ribbon especially for our challenges.

We can contribute to your technical solution. Talk to us.