Condura®.prime - Active Metal Brazed (AMB) Si3N4 Substrates

Excellent mechanical properties and a high thermal conductivity of AMB-Si3N4 substrates make Condura®.prime an ideal material for high-reliable power electronics modules.


High power applications and rising customer expectations put pressure on the reliability, thermal performance and lifetime of metal ceramic substrates. Thermal and mechanical fatigue defects in electronic components are primarily caused by successive on/off cycling. To maximize reliability, engineers must identify the optimal combination of material performance and properties.

Silicon nitride (Si3N4) offers excellent mechanical properties (high bending strength, high fracture toughness) and a high thermal conductivity (> 80 W/m∙K). The outstanding mechanical robustness of Si3N4 enables brazing with thick Cu layers (up to 1000 µm) offering additional thermal capacity to dissipate load peaks. Thus baseplates become obsolete for certain applications.

AMB-Si3N4 substrates combine best mechanical robustness with excellent heat dissipation properties featuring very high power densities. Optimal performance and reliability can be achieved by using silver sintering, Die Top System (DTS®) and Cu bonding technology. This setup also enables utilizing the full potential of wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductors (SiC, GaN).

For your specific needs, we identify the optimal material combination from our broad product portfolio: metal ceramic substrates with functional surfaces optimized for our sintering, soldering and bonding solutions.

Condura®.prime offers a variety of benefits compared to other metal ceramic substrates

Advantages of Condura®.prime at a glance:

  • Increased life time due to highest reliablity
  • Improved power density
  • Lower thermal resistance (by a factor 4 compared to Condura®.classic)
  • Proven increased mechanical robustness
  • Improved heat dissipation

Your advantages in working with Heraeus:

  • Exactly the right solution for your application, adapted to your needs
  • Quicker time to market due to unique expertise
  • Capability to test all adaptations in our in-house application center
  • High innovation capabilities

Condura®.prime is an ideal substrate for power electronic modules (e.g. current inverters). Highest mechanical robustness and outstanding thermal conductivity for the most demanding applications make it the substrate of choice for automotive, energy and traction.

  • In such groups as power steering, start-stop systems, air conditioning compressors, water pumps, oil pumps, brakes, etc.
  • Converters for hybrid or electrical power train
  • Battery chargers
  • Inductive charging systems
  • DC-DC converters
  • Rail vehicles such as locomotives, subway trains, trams and cable cars, etc.

AMB-Si3N4 Substrate Facts

  • Silicon nitride ceramic TSN-90-F
    Thicknesses: 0.25 mm / 0.32 mm
  • Active Metal Brazed Cu-OFE
    Thicknesses: 0.30mm / 0.50mm / 0.80mm
  • Single unit or master card size 7 " x 5 " (usable area)
  • Surface finish: Ag optimized for silver sinterning, Ni, Ni/Au, bareCu

Further technical details can be taken from the  Development Product Information Sheet (DPIS)