WelcoTM LED120: T7 SAC305 No-Clean Printing Paste

Engineered primarily for mini and micro-LED die attach applications for products like tablets, TVs, or videowalls.

mini and micro LED

Given higher resolution, enhanced brightness, better contrast, and longer work life compared to traditional LEDs or other display technologies, mini and micro-LEDs are increasingly used in backlights or displays for consumer products such as tablets, TVs, or videowalls. To provide premium performance, quality, and reliability, mini-LED die attach materials and processes must overcome challenges as defined by the extremely small die size.

The new WelcoTM LED120 Type 7 paste is especially engineered to print consistently and accurately onto extremely small substrate pads of <100µm to attach mini-LED dies. The paste release performance is exceptional at 70µm stencil openings and highly consistent over its long stencil life.

WelcoTM LED120 series uses Heraeus proprietary WelcoTM Type 7 powders to enable extremely reliable solder joints - consistent solder volume without bridging or missing dots, best-in-class low void performance, and most importantly, proven reliability (e.g. shear strength) for mini and micro-LED applications.

Key Features

  • Incorporates high-quality WelcoTM T7 SAC305 powders
    • Narrow size distribution
    • Uniform spherical shapes
    • Batch-to-batch consistency
  • Halogen-free and No-clean chemistry
  • Best-in-class low-void performance
  • Minimal solder beading
  • Consistent fine pitch paste release
  • Long stencil life (≥10hr) & staging life (≥10hr)
  • Proven reliability and shear strength in miniLED application