Welco® LED131: A Lead-Free Solder Paste for mini-LED Flip-Chip Application

Welco® LED131 SAC solder paste series is a lead-free no-clean solder paste that promotes outstanding wetting and minimizes soldering defects.

The LED131 flux system is optimized explicitly for lead-free alloys, such as Sn/Ag/Cu.This formula provides superior performance on a variety of surface finishes and leaves behind a clear residue.

The unique superfine powder technology excels in printing and soldering performance in tiny LED pads. Perfectly suited for the LED flip-chip package of mini LED display, lighting, and automotive.

Key Features

  • Wide processing window, suitable for traditional die attach and die mass transfer application
  • Excellent printing performance for ultrafine pitch and long work life
  • Good shear strength for solder joint and high reliability
  • Superior wetting performance on fine pitch and self-align in reflow process
  • Light residue - perfect for optical application.
  • Low voids

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