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Welco® AP5112: Fine Pitch Solder Paste for SiP applications

Continued miniaturization and the increase of complexity and functionality of packages drive the need for fine pitch solder pastes. Welco® AP5112, also known as WS5112, is a halogen free water soluble printing solder paste series is designed to address those challenges.

Driven by form factor, the number of components in SiP are increasing while package size continues to stay tiny. This creates challenges for solder materials. Furthermore short time to market for new products becomes a crucial strategic advantage in a highly competitive environment of communications, computer and consumer market segments.

Welco® AP5112 is a water soluble, halogen-free paste that has excellent printability due to its excellent inherent rheological properties, offering superior fine pitch printing performance. Stencil life for Welco® AP5112 is typically greater than 7 hours. The flux platform is compatible with multiple alloys (ultra low alpha (ULA) and super ultra low alpha (SULA) SAC305 alloys) and Welco® Powder for Type 6, 7 and beyond. Welco® AP5112 produces minimal, easily cleanable post-process residues, excellent wetting, and zero splatter.

With Welco® AP5112 Type 7 solder paste all in one printing for flip chip and SMD pads is possible. This reduces processing steps, simplify SiP assembly processing steps and at the same time, eliminates incomplete soldering due to substrate warpage and/or uneven placement of flip-chips

Key benefits of Welco® AP5112:

  • Good printability on fine pitch pad size
  • Minimal solder splashing
  • Good wetting performance
  • Good cleaning properties
  • Halogen free
  • Available in low alpha count SAC 305 alloy T6 and T7
  • Available in Type 4 to 7 powders
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