NEW! Microbond® PE830: Enabling High Yield for Die Attach Applications

Heraeus Electronics’ Microbond® PE830 solder paste is designed for use of die attach in power electronics. The revolutionary flux system incorporates synthetic resins that eliminate batch-to-batch variances and allows supply chain stability. As a result, total cost of ownership (TCO) can be reduced through constantly high yield of sub-assemblies. These are realized by outstanding low void performance, low splashing rate as well as low die tilt and rotation.

The product will be available with Tin-Silver alloy. In addition, the flux residues are easy to clean with standard cleaning agents.

For power electronic modules, the attachment of bare dies to a ceramic substrate is a key process. It is complex with many influencing factors, like oven profile, soldering atmosphere, various die sizes and metallization’s. Due to subsequent processes like bonding and baseplate attachment, this process needs to be well controlled and precise. Solder splashing, tilting or shifting of dies can lead to failures at subsequent processes and ultimately to yield loss of costly sub-assemblies.

Conventional solder pastes add a natural component to the process as they are mostly resin or rosin based. Retrieved from natural trees as a pre-product, there is a risk of batch-to-batch variation, depending on the materials source and timeframe of harvest. In the complex process of power module assembly, the respective variance can already lead to a difference in solder splashing or die tilting / shifting.

Heraeus Electronics developed a new flux system, which is based completely on fully synthetic resins denying natural variances and therefore minimizing batch-to-batch variations. On top, it shows best-in-class performance for voiding, splashing, tilt and shift. With synthetic resin being well controlled, there is low ionic contamination. The clear and colorless residues can be cleaned with standard cleaners and without discoloration of the substrate.

Taking all assets into consideration, Microbond® PE830 leads to less failures in a complex process and a high yield of your power module production.

Microbond® PE830 key benefits:

  • Low batch-to-batch variance and supply chain stability through synthetic resin
  • Outstanding low voids performance
  • Minimal solder splashing
  • Low tilt and rotation of dies
  • Good cleaning properties
  • Reduced total cost of ownership through high yield of production