Microbond® Solder Pastes for Power Electronics

Heraeus offers a set of Solder Pastes optimized for DCB applications.

Power electronics are typically built on ceramic substrates (DCB) or on lead frames. They are characterized by high currents, high voltages and highest reliability requirements.

With Microbond® Power Electronics Solder pastes Heraeus offers special lead-free solder pastes optimized for DCB applications. They are a homogeneous mixture with low odor characteristics, consisting of metal powder, binders, solvents, fluxes and thixotropic agents. Microbond® Power Electronics Solder pastes have very high surface insulation resistance of the flux residues, and insensitive to humidity and temperature. Flux systems are available with SnSb5 or SnAg3.5 alloy.

Heraeus solder pastes indicate good cleanability to ensure proper bonding processes after solidification as well as outstanding print to print consistency and a min. of 8 hours of stencil life. Flux systems are optimized to reduce the die tilt during solidification.

While Microbond® PE825 (F825 SA35-89M30) solder paste is optimized for vapor phase soldering, Microbond® PE823 (F823 SA35-89M30) is for reflow in convection and vacuum ovens.

As one of the leading suppliers of solder pastes for power electronic applications, Heraeus has extensive experience in the development and production of soldering materials that meet the demanding requirements of power module manufactures. Contact us, we speak your language and understand your requirements.

Key advantages of Microbond® Solder Pastes for Power Electronics:

  • Outstanding wetting
  • Exceptional print to print consistency

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