Microbond® SMT645: Solder paste for automotive applications with outstanding wetting

With Microbond® SMT645, Heraeus offers a series of no-clean solder pastes for standard and miniaturized automotive applications. A flexible flux platform achieves excellent wetting results on various surfaces and combination with various alloys.

More and more functions in the smallest space in automotive applications are driving the need for finer powder sizes at the same time higher reliablity of solder joints is requested through stricter requirements like in ADAS applications.

To meet this miniaturization requirements Microbond® SMT 645 pastes are available, next to IPC T3, in IPC T4 powder sizes. The SMT645 solder paste series is a flux containing series developed for lead-free solder alloys. The flux system is halogen-zero and reflows under air or nitrogen atmosphere. For fine pitch applications the SMT 645 flux system is available with IPC type 5 Welco® powder as well offering excellent wetting, and superior void performance.

To meet the requirement of higher reliability, in addition to SAC305, this solder paste series is also available with the Innolot® alloy, which contains bismuth (Bi), antimony (Sb) and nickel (Ni) to form an SAC metallurgy system. The addition of these alloying elements allows operating temperatures up to 150 °C. By using HT1 even temperatures up to 175 °C are possible.

The flux provides excellent print after wait performance and print to print consistency. Reliable connections with low voids are the result of excellent wetting on various surfaces.

Key benefits of Microbond® SMT645:

  • Excellent wetting on various surfaces
  • Zero halogen and Innolot® versions are available
  • Superior print after wait performance and print to print consistency