Microbond® SMT660 Innolot® 2.0 No-Clean Printing T4 Solder Paste

Microbond® SMT660 2.0 is a high reliability, high performance paste system with a competitive TCO offering. Based on proven experience of Heraeus Electronics, the new paste system allows a wide process window, enabling soldering in air with low defects. Additionally, it is designed to offer an optimized formulation for lower material costs.

The new era of mobility: Autonomous. Connected. Electric. Shared

The requirements for mobility worldwide are changing. The electrification and automation of vehicles leads to a high demand for cost- and performance-efficient materials. These are needed to meet the increasing demand for safety and support systems, such as advanced driver assistance systems, higher demand for in-car entertainment systems and increasingly intelligent control units.

The increasing demand is accompanied by harsher requirements for components and materials as well as TCO challenges.

With our new approach through Microbond® SMT660 Innolot® 2.0 for a High Reliable & Cost-Effective Solder alloys for Automotive Applications, we are showing how to keep competitive Total-Cost-of-Ownership, while fulfilling emerging requirements. The next generation of Innolot® alloy offers reduced cost while maintaining the well known features of higher creep resistance, resulting in longer product life cycles at higher operating temperatures. The SMT660 Innolot® 2.0 solder paste performs in the air without additional N2 during reflow, while keeping defects low, reducing your TCO. This specifically means reduced pin and blowhole behavior, very low BGA voiding and low area voiding

Key benefits of Microbond® SMT660 Innolot® 2.0

  • Solder pastes solderable in the air with low defects at a reduced cost
  • Acrylic-based synthetic resin ensures the stable quality
  • Reduced pin and blowhole behavior
  • High-reliability alloy and high SIR performance
  • Low area voiding
  • Halogen zero

Next to the new alloy Innolot® 2.0, Microbond® SMT660 Innolot® is also available with the existing Innolot® formulation.