Microbond® SMT701: Low Silver Alloy Solder Paste

Excellent wetting in air reflow, a wide process window and a low silver content make Microbond® SMT701 the first choice for SMT applications.

Microbond® SMT701 solder paste is a state-of-the-art lead-free no-clean solder paste that promotes good wetting and minimizes soldering defects. It is designed especially for SMT applications in consumer, communication, computing and LED assembly segment.

The FC701 flux system is specifically optimized for lead-free alloys, e.g. Sn/Ag/Cu. This formula provides superior performance on OSP surfaces finishes and leaves behind a clear residue.

Key benefits of Microbond® SMT701:

  • Wide process window
  • Good wetting on OSP, HASL surface and Al board
  • Good void performance
  • Transparent residue
  • Low voiding in solder joint
  • Improve BGA head-in-pillow defect