Cryogenic Temperature Range (-196 °C to +150 °C) - C Series Pt RTD

The cryogenic C-thin-film Pt-RTDs were specially developed for the use at very low temperatures, including the cryogenic range. C Series Pt elements combine the ideal curve characteristics of ceramic wire-wound RTDs with the vibration resistance of glass wire-wound RTDs, offering a lower-cost alternative to wire-wound RTDs. Characterized by high long-term stability, excellent temperature shock resistance and a wide temperature range of -196 °C to +150 °C, cryogenic elements conform to the characteristic curve defined by DIN EN 60751 (according to IEC 751) and exhibit no hysteresis. These features make them best suited for applications in aerospace, chemical & power generation plants, superconductor technology, analytical equipment, and demanding cold chain monitoring.

Cold-chain monitoring and ultra-low freezer storage of biologicals and vaccines for the pharma and health segment has increased in importance. Highly stability C-Type elements ensure safety and reliability in low temperature applications at -80 °C, continuing down to -196 °C. DIN B tolerance (F0.3) is specified in the full measuring range.

Technical Data

Elements have the following configuration:

  • Temperature Range from -196 °C to +150 °C (C416: -196 °C to +500 °C)
  • Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) 3770 ppm/K or 3850 ppm/K
  • Best for cryogenic applications