Heraeus launches next generation Copper Core Aluminum Wire for power applications

HANAU, Germany, 06.05.2020

Copper Core Aluminum Wire for power applications

Heraeus Electronics, a leading provider of material solutions for electronics packaging, today announced the launch of a next generation wire for power applications. The product named CucorAl Plus renews the existing product CucorAl offering superior electrical and mechanical properties combined with a better processability.

“By replacing aluminum wire with CucorAl Plus, our customers can extend module lifetime by a factor of five without changing the module design," says Dr. Klemens Brunner, President of Heraeus Electronics. "this specifically caters to the e-mobility industry needing new materials and components that function in demanding environments and have to deliver high reliability.”

CucorAl Plus enables higher power density within the module design by fusing current capabilities and providing a 20 percent higher ampacity. The wire is designed for operation temperatures of up to 200 °C.

Copper core aluminum wire CucorAl Plus can be applied on standard bonding and chip technology, as well as on all sensitive active surfaces, DBCs, AMB substrates or leadframes. Manufacturers can use conventional aluminum bonding equipment.

Heraeus not only provides high-quality materials, but also makes its process knowledge available to customers. In its power electronics application centers, the company helps manufacturers to improve their processes by jointly simulating them and developing prototypes.