Proven SMT solutions for Automotive Electronics

Heraeus Electronics brings its proven SMT solutions for Automotive Electronics to IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego, CA

Heraeus Electronics returns to IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego from January 25-27 to showcase the latest solder solutions for automotive electronics at booth #1549.

This year Heraeus Electronics will feature:

Innolot® High Reliability Alloy for Automotive Applications - Extreme environmental stresses and increased component performance requirements of electronic components need optimized solutions. Innolot® enables high performing solder joints for the harsh conditions in the automotive industry.

 Heraeus Electronics Innolot®

  • Improved reliability, also under harsh conditions, especially in automotive electronics
  • Innolot® significantly improves the creep strength of solder joints
  • Reliable solder joint, also with operating temperatures up to 150 °C

Microbond® SMT650 - High reliability solder paste achieves a consistently high surface insulation resistance that prevents electrochemical migration. Combining the new F650 flux system with the Innolot® alloy delivers superior reliability—particularly in miniaturized systems in the automotive industry.

 Heraeus Electronics Microbond® SMT650

  • Preventing electro-migration in fine feature applications - no dendrite growth and electro chemical migration is observed for various SIR test after 1500 h
  • Excellent thermal mechanical strength, in combination with Innolot® alloy
  • Type 4 powder for fine pitch applications

Microbond® SMT645 - Heraeus offers a series of no-clean solder pastes for standard and miniaturized automotive applications. A flexible flux platform achieves excellent wetting results on various surfaces and combination with various alloys.

 Heraeus Electronics Microbond® SMT645

  • Excellent wetting on various surfaces
  • Zero halogen and Innolot® versions are available
  • Superior print after wait performance and print to print consistency

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