Innolot® - High Reliability Alloy for Automotive Applications

Extreme environmental stresses and increased component performance requirements of electronic components need optimized solutions. Innolot® enables high performing solder joints for the harsh conditions in the automotive industry.

Original Innolot Inside

The reliability of solder joints connecting ceramic components to epoxy-based substrates depends heavily on the thermal expansion of the two different materials. The ceramic components have relatively low Coefficients of Thermal Expansion (CTEs), whereas the epoxy-glass PWB materials have comparatively high CTEs. When a circuit assembly is heated, the board expands a great deal more than the component that is soldered to it. The mismatch in expansion puts shear stresses and strains on the solder joints. After repeated cycles, the joints begin to show signs of fatigue, cracks begin to propagate, and the joints’ initial strength degrades - sometimes to the point of complete failure. Traditional SAC alloys are not able to meet this requirements.

Innolot® provides reliability improvements for applications using both standard operating temperatures and elevated ones. Operating temperatures of up to 150 °C are possible. Innolot® with its improved creep strength enables to accommodate the CTE mismatches.

Key Benefits of Innolot®:

  • Improved reliability, also under harsh conditions, esp. in automotive applications
  • Innolot® significantly improves the creep strength of solder joints
  • Reliable solder joint, also with operating temperatures up to 150 °C

Our Key Products with Innolot®:

 Microbond® SMT650 Innolot® : Preventing electro-migration in fine feature applications

 Microbond® SMT645 Innolot® : Excellent wetting on various surfaces

 Microbond® SMT911 Innolot® : Anti-capillary effect beneath QFP & passive components

Looking for higher reliability up to 175 °C?

HT1 is a lead-free solder alloy that provides high reliability in applications using ceramic substrates or direct bonded copper (DBC). Operating temperatures up to 175 °C are possible.  Request more information about HT1.

 Microbond® SMT645 HT1 : Excellent wetting on various surfaces

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