Silver Bonding Wires

Silver bonding wires have been developed as a perfect combination of significant cost reduction compared to gold and required bonding features for sensitive devices. They achieve good reliability and excellent bondability. With a diameter up to a size of 0.6 mils / 15 microns they are suitable for fine structures with a ultra-fine pitch.

Silver Bonding Wire

The electronic market is under continuous cost pressure. In order to reduce costs, there is a trend towards bonding wires made from materials other than gold. However, not every material is appropriate for every application. For example, whenever dies have sensitive or thin bond pads, copper could damage the chip in the bonding process. Being soft enough for sensitive materials, silver as a cost effective material is a good alternative to gold in such a case.

Heraeus offers a big portfolio of silver based bonding wires exactly fitting to your different applications and requirements. They contain silver as the main component (~89-99%) and further alloy elements and dopants in order to work out exactly the required configuration. Extensive test techniques qualify our bonding wires for your application: Extended reliability test intervals in temperate cycling as well as high temperature conditions and HAST (Highly Accelerated Stress Test).

For the selection or the ideal solution, our specialists with years of experience support you with their technical expertise and application know-how. On-site, they help you on the evaluation and qualification, especially on complex issues and configurations. Tests in our application and technology center enable us to test your adaptations directly in the application. Save time and money with Heraeus as a qualified partner and accelerate your developing process.

This low cost silver alloy wire is designed and engineered to render good reliability and bondability in replacement of Au wire. The benefits of this wire are:

  • Significant material cost savings compared to gold bonding wires
  • Exact configuration to application needs: good reflectivity for LED devices
  • Usable for pad sensitive devices, enabled by the soft FAB
  • MTBA and UPH as good as gold wire
  • Good bondability with both N2 and forming gas
  • Applicable in highest processing speeds
  • Advanced reliability for both IC and LED packaging: our AgUltra-HR bonding wires have been specifically designed to withstand extended reliability test intervals in temperature cycling as well as high temperature storage conditions and HAST

Your advantages in working with Heraeus:

  • Exactly the right solution for your application, adapted to your needs
  • Advanced support by specialists: Our dedicated and global applications team has extensive experience and expertise to support you and advice for new applications and devices
  • Accelerated development through testing possibilities in our internal technology center
  • Very fast access to our production sites, as there are two factories in safe countries
  • Reliable supply chain due to bilateral backup of these facilities

Silver bonding wires are designed to work well for both IC packages and LED devices. This high reliability silver wire is used in:

Consumer electronics & computing:

  • Smartphones & phones
  • PCs
  • Tablets
  • TVs
  • Servers & systems
  • Imaging devices
  • Wearable electronics


  • Wireless
  • Wired
  • Satellite
  • NFC


Heareus offers different types of silver bonding wires with different Ag content:

Product Name Key designs Resistivity (uΩcm) Key features
AgLite® 89,5% Ag 4,7 LED for better reflectivity
AgUltra® 96% Ag 3,9 General purpose, low cost
AgUltra-HR® 94,5% Ag 3,2 High reliability
AgUltra-LR® 98% Ag 2,3 Low resistivity