mAgic® PE338: Pressure Ag Sinter Paste for Power Electronics Applications

Key requirements for power electronics and therefore for the interconnects on DCB substrates are increased lifetime, low thermal resistance and elevated operation temperature. mAgic® PE338 achieves best results with high thermal performance.

Power electronic applications, e.g. in the automotive, industrial, renewable energy, aerospace sector are characterized by high operating temperatures. Power density increases and devices have to last longer.

With mAgic® PE338 Series Heraeus offers a Ag sinter paste with outstanding performance. Special material formulation of mAgic® PE338 Series allow a wide process and application window. Due to their exceptional electrical and thermal performance mAgic® PE338 sinter pastes are suitable for application requiring highest power density and allow elevated operation temperature. The properties of mAgic® sinter materials enable an increase in life time for power electronic devices, up to ten times compared to conventional solder.

mAgic® Pressure Sinter Paste PE338-28 is a lead-free die attach material with improved workability on copper surfaces.

mAgic® Pressure Sinter Paste PE338-28 F1510 is a patented high reliability material that increases life time performance with wide band gap material SiC and GaN.

Key benefits of mAgic® PE338:

  • Improves device reliability
  • High thermal conductivity for longer lifetime
  • High electrical conductivity improves device efficency
  • Enables high operating temperature
  • Lead-free and halogen zero formulation for environmental compliance
  • No flux residue, no cleaning required
  • Consistent printing performance
  • Long stencil life

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